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Can You See Me?

I wanted to be your friend

I was little and small

You said I was different

I didn’t matter at all.

Pushed away, made to feel ugly,

Cursed at, Belittled, Crushed, Hurt.

You said I was different, I was unwanted

Your circle complete with perfection and purity.

I cried but I am not different! 

Can’t you see Me?

I am here just look inside

I am waiting for a friend

Can you see Me?

I was changed forever by the moments of a life

Trapped in a blanket of fire

To be changed forever more from what I had been born into…a beautiful life.

Fire is beautiful, alive with a curse

It will change you, erase you, its breath so harsh.

Fire changed me, made me stronger, but not cursed.

I am still me inside,

Can you see Me?

I am here, the small little girl

who is stronger than steel.

I was meant to perish in that fire

But I said no, I am not done

I am to have daughters and sons

I am to have friends, save lives.

Can you see me yet?

I am here, just look for that strong woman, the man, the child,

Forever changed on the outside by the fierceness of fire

Forever made stronger by the challenges of society

Made to endure names, curses, obstacles, and pain

Stronger by the touch of a pure heart, a friend.

Can you see Me?

I am here, I stand by your side

The happiness not marred by the scar left by fire

Can you see Me?



Life Can Be Tricky

God closes doors no man can open & God opens doors no man can close..


You never know what may be around the next corner. You may find you newest best friend or your life long partner. If you walk around with your eyes closed you will never see the rainbow! Choices are made and hearts are broken. Things remain the same and yet are always changing. We must trust that we are being given the tools to make the choices that will lead us to the greatest adventures in our lives. Without faith we just roam aimlessly never knowing where we are supposed to go or who we are supposed to meet. I say the hell with it!! Play footsie every chance you get. Love with all your heart even if it means it will be broken. Laugh like you are always young even if you are the oldest goat in the field. Never grow old just grow wiser. The young at heart always steal the show.

Last but not least never be afraid to give everything to those who mean the most. They are the ones who will carry you through to the end and will be there to hold the torch in the darkest moments of your life. They will be the ones who will bestow upon you the worlds greatest treasure…LOVE.

Just a little bit of me……there is so much more.


Dance like no one is watching,

Love like you’ll never be hurt,

Sing like no one is Listening,

Live like it’s Heaven on Earth.

Hearts Cry

To lose ones mind,
To cry to the wind,
Hearts held fast
Fighting to the last,
Apart no more my only one
From my side you will not stray
Our hearts are one
Your birth was precious
But you were taken away
To be shown my love
Only when she allows.
My son, my child, my heart, my legacy
For you my life I would lay down
Always with me forever more

Bojan, You are my Heart.

When I smile, its because of you.
When I laugh, its because of you.
When I sigh in my sleep its because your holding me.
When I cry its because I miss your warmth.
When I am mad you kiss my forehead and say forget it.
Without you I am only half of what I could be.
Without you my soul is lost, wandering without purpose.
With you I am alive, full of love and happiness even on the darkest day.
♥<3Bojan, volim te sada i zauvek. Ti si moje srce!♥♥
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♥[Bojan, I love you now and forever. You are my heart]♥


Life is funny.  Days go by without meaning.

People come and go sometimes without any traces left behind, sometimes leaving footprints all over your heart.

Feelings change, seasons change but life keeps on flowing.

You try so hard to get the things you want out of life but it doesn’t always happen.  But when you don’t try, you sometimes get things you least expected and never dreamed possible.

So many feelings left untouched, so many words left unspoken.  In the end you wonder if you did all that you were supposed to.   ‎

Floating along on the clouds of thought and wonder, waiting for that somone special to come into your life.

When you aren’t looking they just appear as if by magic or some grand design.

With this special meeting your life is changed forever.

Love is wonderful and so much a part of life that we forget to let it in when it knocks on our hearts.

Life without Love is Life without Happiness.

Love your friends, Love your family, Love your Better Half (without them you would only be a half) and Most of All…

Love Yourself.


Love was meant to be free.

Freely given

Freely found

In all the seasons love is there

It never grows old

If love has gone from your side

The one you want out of your sight

Rest assured it would not be for long

For loves home will not be empty or forlorn

It will always find you one to hold

In the form of friends, family, or a lover

So if the one you love now has gone

Have the strength to carry on

Soon enough love will return

With the one who would stay

From your side never turned

Be proud, be strong, head high

Be ready for loves return

To your side it will surely bring

The happiness that you seek

Always keep the door open the light on

When love comes knocking

Be waiting with open arms

A happy heart will be yours at last

Hold on to the kiss sent from a heart

That is meant to be yours

From your side it will never part

Love is meant to be free to find its way to you

Trust that it will

Wipe your tears

Have faith


When the world is filled with sorrow,

The rain will fall.

When the world is full of hurt,

The rain will fall.

When the world is full of hate,

The rain will fall.

When the people of the world start to care,

The rain will stop.

When the people of the world start to laugh,

The rain will stop.

When the people of the world start to love again,

The rain will stop.

The rainbow will come out and fill our hearts with wonder, hope, and promise.

The angels will dance and sing and no longer cry….so….the rain will stop.

When the People of this World Love one another, Care for one another, and Laugh with the joy and hope of a New Day…

The Rain will Stop.


We should Live in Peace and Harmony

We should Love Unconditionally

We should Lend a Helping Hand

We should Always Care for Each other


The Sun will shine.



Sometimes You Just Have to Let Go

You have to let go of the pain.

You have to move away from those that cause you sorrow.

Reach into you soul and pull out the thorn that has been placed there.

Throw it to the sky and shout “No More!”

No more will you make me cry,

No more will you hurt my heart.

Sometimes You just have to let go of the hurt and pain to see the Love in your life.

You need to look beyond the hurt to what you have.

To see the Love that has been given to you,

To hold that close to your heart,

Open the wound and let it pour in.

If God has given you one to Love accept it completely.

If God has given you children Love them openly.

If God has given you trials face them and move on.

If Gos has brought you to it, then you are meant to do it.

When you say I love you to another it is meant to be completely

through all the Good times and the Bad.

When I say I Love You it is meant to be Forever.

God gave me the greatest Gift in the world….

He Gave Me You.


glass heart wings


I Have No Fear…

I have no fear of perfection for I will never reach it.

I have no fear of normal for I have surpassed it.

I have no fear of hate for I have found forgiveness.

I have no fear of loneliness for I have family.

I have no fear of being old for I have been young….

Because I have found you I will always have love so…

I have no fear of never being whole.

You are the light when my world is dark.

You are the music when my heart needs a beat.

You are the star that shines from heaven above.

My world is complete with you in it.

For this I have no fear that what is to be will be.

♥ ~~^-^~~♥ —

For Bojan Esih