There are times in everyone’s life when they wonder if they made the right choices.  Was it ok to tell that person how I feel? Should I have not gone to that get together?  Was my friend right that I am an ass?  So many things that sometimes you just have to go with your gut and just say well if I was wrong then I will learn.  I will go on.  There will be a tomorrow.  I don’t have to be so mellow dramatic, I don’t have to cry so much, I don’t have to laugh so much.  I just have to believe that tomorrow will come and the daylight will shine on my good or bad choices and the day will go on. Life is funny like that it just keeps going no matter what.  I will live no matter the outcome of my choices.  Here is to making the right ones and to living with them no matter what, because sometimes it is good to make mistakes.  How else do we learn?  How else will we grow? How else will we be human?  Sometimes it is ok, just sometimes.


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