Classic Tomato Ketchup

Yes, even on the first day of October, tomatoes are still out there: I came home from the farmer’s market today with another five pounds. This is a great time of year to find late-season deals on organic or sustainably-farmed tomatoes, which are especially important when you are cooking them down, down, down (and concentrating any pesticides or toxins present in the fruit) into homemade ketchup.

Tomatoes are a fruit, after all, and ketchup is basically a fruit butter. So choose your favorite method to turn fresh tomatoes into skinless, seedless tomato pulp; add some sugar and spices, and simmer, simmer, simmer away. This is my first attempt at a classic ketchup (we won’t mention the other abominationdisasterketchup attempt) and I have to say, it was a complete success. It’s thick, a deep, dark red and seriously tasty. I actually more than doubled the amount of…

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