Can You See Me?

I wanted to be your friend

I was little and small

You said I was different

I didn’t matter at all.

Pushed away, made to feel ugly,

Cursed at, Belittled, Crushed, Hurt.

You said I was different, I was unwanted

Your circle complete with perfection and purity.

I cried but I am not different! 

Can’t you see Me?

I am here just look inside

I am waiting for a friend

Can you see Me?

I was changed forever by the moments of a life

Trapped in a blanket of fire

To be changed forever more from what I had been born into…a beautiful life.

Fire is beautiful, alive with a curse

It will change you, erase you, its breath so harsh.

Fire changed me, made me stronger, but not cursed.

I am still me inside,

Can you see Me?

I am here, the small little girl

who is stronger than steel.

I was meant to perish in that fire

But I said no, I am not done

I am to have daughters and sons

I am to have friends, save lives.

Can you see me yet?

I am here, just look for that strong woman, the man, the child,

Forever changed on the outside by the fierceness of fire

Forever made stronger by the challenges of society

Made to endure names, curses, obstacles, and pain

Stronger by the touch of a pure heart, a friend.

Can you see Me?

I am here, I stand by your side

The happiness not marred by the scar left by fire

Can you see Me?



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