Bayside Blue Walker

 “Tribute to Paul Walker”

If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.
That Bayside Blue always keeps them staring when I’m driving.
It’s funny how someone you barely knew can completely change your whole perspective.
Some called him Paul while others called him Brian, the street racing detective.
Some would call what he craved wants; as he lived it was a need.
And even if he slowed down, he always had a need for speed.
While others denied what was going on in the world, he embraced it.
Leaving the scene he kicks the clutch in, puts the hand on the stick, and takes another shift.
As we remember you as a speed demon we remember you as an angel.
We remember that you’d take different drifts to save lives at different angles.
You’re a father, a brother, a son and a teacher as you’ve taught dreams can be reached.
As I heard you passed, I realized that I must practice what has been preached.
Hard work and dedication can lead to all your heart’s desires.
Whether it’s taking a stage, saving a life, or on a street screeching tires.
You’ve shown that you’ll always be down to earth, no matter the magnitude of fame.
And as you look down to earth, you can tell nothing will be the same.
I pray that your family and friends will find the strength to carry on.
It still feels like you’re here even though you’ve been gone.
But thanks to you, you’ve showed me anything can be mine.
And as I gaze into the sky, I see you in the beautiful Skyline.

Rest in peace.

Alex Samuels


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