Love was meant to be free.

Freely given

Freely found

In all the seasons love is there

It never grows old

If love has gone from your side

The one you want out of your sight

Rest assured it would not be for long

For loves home will not be empty or forlorn

It will always find you one to hold

In the form of friends, family, or a lover

So if the one you love now has gone

Have the strength to carry on

Soon enough love will return

With the one who would stay

From your side never turned

Be proud, be strong, head high

Be ready for loves return

To your side it will surely bring

The happiness that you seek

Always keep the door open the light on

When love comes knocking

Be waiting with open arms

A happy heart will be yours at last

Hold on to the kiss sent from a heart

That is meant to be yours

From your side it will never part

Love is meant to be free to find its way to you

Trust that it will

Wipe your tears

Have faith


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