Life is funny.  Days go by without meaning.

People come and go sometimes without any traces left behind, sometimes leaving footprints all over your heart.

Feelings change, seasons change but life keeps on flowing.

You try so hard to get the things you want out of life but it doesn’t always happen.  But when you don’t try, you sometimes get things you least expected and never dreamed possible.

So many feelings left untouched, so many words left unspoken.  In the end you wonder if you did all that you were supposed to.   ‎

Floating along on the clouds of thought and wonder, waiting for that somone special to come into your life.

When you aren’t looking they just appear as if by magic or some grand design.

With this special meeting your life is changed forever.

Love is wonderful and so much a part of life that we forget to let it in when it knocks on our hearts.

Life without Love is Life without Happiness.

Love your friends, Love your family, Love your Better Half (without them you would only be a half) and Most of All…

Love Yourself.


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