What If….


What if today was the last day of your life,

Would you waste it trying to do all that you didn’t do?

What if today was the last time you would see your kids.

Would you spend it telling them to do homework?

What if there were no more tomorrows, no more hello’s, no more goodbye’s

How would you spend that last day?

Alone with your thoughts, crying for what you will miss?

With your family just holding them knowing it is the last time?

With the one you love just holding hands, sorry that you won’t grow old?

Will you cry?

Will you laugh?

Will you scream out loud at the short time you have?

Will you just be quiet?

What would you do….if today was your last day?

Thank the lord above that there will be another tomorrow

Thank the soldier who fights for your peace of mind

Thank the doctor who keeps you healthy

Thank the heavens above that tonight you can sleep knowing

Tomorrow will come. 



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