The Gift


Sometimes you have to have faith.

Tomorrow is not written in stone,

It is a fragile gift,

That with a wisp of wind,

Can be changed forever.

Live for the moment,

Love with all you have.

What you hold today

May be gone tomorrow.

A heart will hold all that it can

All that it is meant toIt can break,

It can mend,

It can build the bridge to a castle in the sky.

The heart is the key to what is in your future

Your past

Your forevermore, forever will be.

You have to be willing to give it away

To know that it may be shattered into bits

To know that it may be carried away in the breeze of life

But it will always come back to rest in your chest

Holding the story of where it has been

What it has seen

Who it has loved

The future is not written in stone

It can be taken away forever

But the present is written in your heart

So cherish the gift while you can 

Feel free to give it away

Basking in the glow of wonder when it is given back

Overflowing with Joy and Happiness

The Future is yet to be written

Damn the stones

The present is here and now

Embrace it, Cherish it, Wonder in it



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