14 May, 2013 14:43

Life Imitates Art

Sometimes in a day we hear things that remind us of our own lives, or parts of it. It can be a phrase, a saying, a song on the radio, some minor part of a commercial or movie, or even just something we see that will spark a memory. This memory is of something we have lived or thought of and it can bring a smile or a frown to our faces depending on the memory. I had a memory flash when I heard a song on the radio. It reminded me of the night I was with my boyfriend. A smile on my lips, skinned knees, and feeling just like a teenager all over again. Good memories are worth all the pain in the world.

So listen to that song, read that poem, watch that bird fly, the bee buzz, the wind blow, and stare at that painting. Life imitates art and art imitates life.


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