Hello world!

Hello to you the viewers of all that is written, photographed and uploaded to the world wide web.  I have no inkling where this blog will take me, nor the exact reasons for starting it.  It, like life, will be a grand adventure into the great unknown that is the unconscious mind.  We all think and have ideas, so I think I will put my thoughts and ideas here for you all to share, laugh at, shake your heads at and at times just snort and say or think …as if that made sense, or why did you say that, or what were you thinking????

So buckle up readers it is going to be an interesting ride.

Oh and yes I do make typos and mistakes in grammar.  Hey I am human not a machine. I type like a talk, sometimes too fast to get it all down on paper but when I am done the point is made and the idea is sound.



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